This is what we offer and what we don't. We believe both are equally important.

Features we do have

Typehut was built with one goal in mind: to be flexible enough so that you can build any kind of publication with it, but simple enough that it wouldn't take you more than a few minutes to get started.

Writing and publishing

Writing and publishing

Posts can be anything you want: articles, essays, short-form, long-form, pictures, links… all written using Markdown.

Writing and publishing

Labels for organizing

Categorize your posts by assigning labels to them. This way you can keep your content neatly organized, as visitors can filter by label when navigating your site.

Writing and publishing

Built-in email subscriptions

Your audience can subscribe to your site, so whenever you publish anything new they'll get automatically notified via email.

Custom domains

We create a [your-site.typehut.com] URL for you when you sign up, but if you want to use your own address you can point any domain you own to Typehut and use that.

Custom CSS

Change most of your site's design by adding a custom stylesheet to it. Change fonts, colors, layout, and more with just a few lines of CSS.

Features we'll have soon

There are some things we want to do, but we haven't gotten to them yet. These are the things we're going to be working on next

Custom templates

Tailor your site to your needs by choosing between one of our ready-made templates or by coding yours using our template engine.

Features we won't have

Keeping Typehut simple means we don't have many features other platforms have, but we believe it's for the best.

A powerful editor

Our editor is as simple as it gets: a plain textarea. You can of course use Markdown to add styles to your content, but we don't have a full-fledged visual editor.

Advanced analytics

We're currently deciding the amount of metrics that feel right for Typehut, but you'll probably never get a very advanced view into your audience data.


We're not building a full CMS suite, so plugins are off the roadmap. We feel like a plugin system would end up being detrimental to the simplicity of the platform.